I remember when I listened to both the right and left whine about the Clintons and the Bushes. Why, oh, why couldn’t we just get rid of them? Enough already….

From George HW to George W – and then Jeb wanted to be president. And we had Bill Clinton and then Hillary Clinton. Enough already…

Now we’re stuck in a loop of Biden and Trump. No, we don’t have their family members running for office. Thankfully, Hunter and Ivanka aren’t campaigning to sit behind the Resolute desk, but we can’t seem to shake off either of the old men.

Why do we always have to vote between the lesser of two evils? Granted, Trump was a GREAT president in his governance, very conservative and terrific for the economy – but he had many failings as a president and a person. And surprisingly, even though Trump is a businessman, he made terrible staffing choices.

43.9% of the Republicans don’t choose Trump for their 2024 presidential candidate according to Real Clear Politics. But that’s a national poll. When you just look at places like Iowa, 54% don’t choose him – and he gets even less support in New Hampshire.

2/3 of Democrats don’t want Biden to be their 2024 presidential nominee according to Axios. 67% say they wanted a different candidate.

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So why are we stuck where we are? Because the others aren’t thrilling either. Not Dems Kennedy or Williamson. (Or undeclared Harris or Newsom). And not Republicans Binkley, Burgum, Christie, DeSantis, Elder, Haley, Hurd, Hutchinson, Johnson, Pence, Ramaswamy, Scott, or Stapleton. Who? That’s my point.

I was trying to remember the last time I voted “for” someone. It was probably Sarah Palin (no, I didn’t vote FOR John McCain). I also voted for Perot the first time I was able to vote – because I didn’t want to vote for Bill Clinton or George HW Bush. Perot actually got 18.9% of the vote in 1992. Pretty good showing. Probably better than Senator Joe Manchin would do on a “No Labels” ticket. No, Manchin doesn’t thrill me either.

None of the candidates are exactly inspiring although Scott and Ramaswamy seem to have more of a positive, pro-American campaign going.

The lucky folks are the ones who, in the future, will be able to get through a whole day without hearing the names Clinton, Bush, Biden or Trump.