Another day, another bombshell. This time, delivered by the once disgraced US Attorney from Delaware, David Weiss, who is making amends for his ill-advised super sweetheart deal he cobbled together for Hunter Biden before it got laughed out of court in July.

That deal would have let Hunter slide on a host of very serious crimes, including, but not limited to, lying on a background check form to buy a gun.

Hunter claimed he was not a drug addict but later admitted in a book that he was a junkie when he bought the handgun. Meaning that he lied on a federal gun background check—it’s the kind of thing that Democrats scream should carry much harsher penalties.

Well, good news, Democrats, after David Weiss was made Special Counsel, he filed three felony gun charges against the First Son—and these are serious charges that carry penalties including ten years in prison on each count.

With this announcement came plenty of reaction—not the least of which came from former President Donald Trump, who pointed out that this is the only charge against Team Biden, which keeps the current guy in the Oval Office out of harm’s way. Boy, is he right about that.

But the avalanche of problems facing Joey and his team of grifters isn’t going anywhere after the announcement yesterday by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that a formal impeachment inquiry is now underway.

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I think President Trump and the rest of us can take a moment and just watch what’s happening.
The media lapdogs are in full-blown panic over the impeachment—and Hunter’s indictments are only adding salt to the open wound—so relax everyone, enjoy the show.

Most of us out here in the hinterlands are honest, hardworking folks actually interested in the truth—and we vote, remember that. Right now, the impeachment and a pending Hunter Biden trial do not bode well for those trying to take away our cars, our guns, and our jobs in pursuit of the Green New Steal.

And believe it or not—I am starting to like Kevin McCarthy a bit more. No, I’m serious; relax and listen to what I’m saying.

I told you I would give him the benefit of the doubt—and so far, I still am. McCarthy dressing down a blatantly biased reporter definitely earned him some points in my book. These people just regurgitate the White House talking points without doing any actual investigation of their own.

“But Joey says he loves his son”—which I am sure is true—but that doesn’t make him innocent.

And this is just the latest in a long line of ever louder questions about the Biden Administration.

Come on—does anyone, and I mean anyone actually buy into the idea that Joey didn’t know anything about what Hunter was up to?

Does anyone believe he didn’t see millions of dollars coming in?
Really? He didn’t notice that his bank accounts were being flooded with tens of millions of dollars?

Of course not. That doesn’t pass anyone’s stink test—of course, Joe, even in his very compromised state, knew damn well that Hunter was trading on the family name and raking in tens of millions for access to the old man.

But look, that’s just part of it.

There are other major concerns for voters in America today concerning this guy. His poll numbers are in the 30s now and they aren’t getting better. What is he doing? What is his team doing that would help him gain in the polls?

The answer is nothing.

This brings me to the question of his age. Or, more accurately, his cognitive ability. I have known many people, well over 80, who are sharp as a tack. I have also talked to people much younger that I wouldn’t trust to get Joey an ice cream cone. You know what I mean!

So here it is—does anyone honestly believe that Joe Biden is capable of handling the nuclear football?


But they did have Grandpa out on the road again yesterday—and he tried hard to get through it. But it’s painful to watch—and it gets more painful by the day.

Joe Biden’s expiration date passed a very long time ago and he is not going to get better. His team is trying to prop him up, but unfortunately, it ain’t working.