Every Breath You Take, Every Move Your Make (in Your Vehicle) Someone is Watching You

If you have a relatively new vehicle, than you have a spy. Your car is collecting data on you and sharing it with lots of other folks – where you drive, how much you drive, your. medical information, your sex life, what songs you listen to, your driver’s license number, citizenship status, sexual orientation and more.

The Daily Mail reports that according to the Mozilla Foundation, “at least 84% of 25 car brands studied have the power to share or sell the personal data of drivers to data brokers, law enforcement and others.”

The Foundation reports that modern cars are a “privacy nightmare” with data collected from connected services in your car, the car’s app, Sirius XM, Google Maps and in other ways. And most of the car companies share or sell that data, including with government or law enforcement just by receiving a “request” for the information.

And is the data sitting in your car encrypted? Who knows. The Foundation couldn’t figure out if that is the case or after their inquiries were ignored by the car companies when they were asked basic security questions.

Tesla came out the worse in the Foundation’s review having earned many demerits for their data collection and sharing. Creepy Nissan was second-to-last and includes collecting information on your sexual activity. Kia does it too. Additionally, six of the car companies college “genetic information” on you.

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And what can you do about this? Pretty much nothing. You don’t have a choice really except to buy older cars or figure out how to disable the AI and data collection – and refrain from synching up your phone to your vehicle.

Until someone sues these car companies, their spying and selling of your information will continue.