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Biden Says F-You, America. Instead of Closing the Border During the Invasion Crisis, He Gives Half a Million Work Visas so Venezuelans Can Take American Jobs.

Want to complain about the unending border crisis? Biden doesn’t care what you think. He’s not going to shut down the border and make the illegal aliens go back home.

Nope. These are future Democrat voters and they’re also helping to create the chaos in the country that the Democrats want. Chaos is something that Democrats market and capitalize on by pretending they can fix the very problems and emergencies that they create.

If the illegal aliens invading the United States were future Republican voters, Biden and the Democrats would have a 1000-feet wall erected, put up millions of acres of razor wire, deploy drones, and put sharp shooters at the border. But instead, he’s using border patrol agents as data processors and is shipping the illegal aliens all over the country by plane, train, bus and automobile.

And Biden’s “solution” to all of the bitching about the border is NOT to stop the invasion and protect the country. No, it’s to let even more illegal aliens take American jobs by giving half a million Venezuelans work visas. Biden doesn’t want them deported and his Democrat friends (like NYC Mayor Adams and NY Gov. Hochul) want the new arrivals to be able to work instead of sitting in their homeless shelters and panhandling on street corners because it’s giving them bad news coverage and causing New Yorkers to protest in their communities. It’s a crisis alright – it’s a PR crisis for the Dems.

According to Politico [1], Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas extended and redesignated Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months. Because of that, 472,000 individuals are newly eligible and will able to apply for TPS and get work papers – those who got here on or before July 31st.

After the change, about 60,000 Venezuelans in NY will be able to quickly get work authorizations and start working – which will make Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul very happy, which means that they might quit bitching about President Biden on national TV.

Dem Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries said in a joint statement, “As a result of this decision, immigrants will be temporarily allowed to work, fill needed jobs and support their families while awaiting an asylum determination.”

If only the Democrats cared about the American people and the Americans getting jobs as much as the illegal aliens. But they don’t. They care about staying in power as long as possible and they see the illegal aliens as the way to do that.