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UAW Members Want Less Work and More Money

The UAW (United Auto Workers) is fighting for their workers to have something everyone on the planet would like – to work less and make more money doing it. In an effort to achieve that goal, the president of he UAW declared recently that the upcoming union negotiations with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis will include double-digit pay raises, more time off, more medical benefits for retirees, a right to strike if a plant closes a 32-hour work week and more.

These demands were reported on by Fox 2 Detroit [1] as part of 10 requirements called the “Members’ Demand” that were devised due to the record profits reported by the Big Three automakers.

UAW president Shawn Fain says, “Our message going into bargaining is clear: Record profits, record contracts. The rich are getting richer, while the rest of us are getting left behind.”

Fox 2 Detroit also reports that collectively, the Big Three Detroit automakers made $20.7 billion in net profits even after most of their EV sales have tanked. But that’s because the federal and state governments are “gifting” them money so they’ll go along with the leftist mandated climate change EV BS.

With the UAW contracts expiring in about a month, the union folks have lots of time to negotiate for their goodies. That also gives Biden and the Dems time to figure out how to keep all of their voters and supporters happy. The automakers have to keep making EVs that nobody wants and the Dems have to keep the union money flowing to the Democrats – not to mention securing a UAW Biden endorsement for president.

The “Big Guy” reportedly met with UAW’s Shawn Fain in July according to Politico where Fain asked for Biden’s support of the UAW demands and also stronger labor provisions to all the green energy grants and loans being handed out to the automakers.

It’s so upsetting when all of the leftist buddies have their in-fighting squabbles – but in the end all of the Democrats will most likely end up with what they want: workers who work less for more money while making tax-payer funded crap that Americans don’t want to buy.