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There is No “Right” to a Healthful Environment No Matter what a Judge Says

A judge in Montana recently made an outrageous ruling. What else is new, right?

The Daily Mail [1] reports that District Court Judge Kathy Seeley ruled in favor of youths (aged five to 22) who said that Montana’s use of fossil fuels contributed to the climate crisis and harmed their health.

Montana’s constitution, article nine says, “The state and each person shall maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.” The lawsuit contended that Montana’s policies that are in effect for evaluating requests for fossil fuel permits did not abide by this mandate.

Judge Kathy Seeley wrote in her ruling “Montana’s emissions and climate change have been proven to be a substantial factor in causing climate impacts to Montana’s environment and harm and injury” to the youth.

What a complete joke.

The state legislature now has to decide how to bring the permit policy into compliance with Montana’s constitution (while the state appeals the case).

There really is no rule of law anymore. It’s a free for all. States go rogue with insane and unconstitutional mandates that aren’t based on science or facts and don’t comply with the Constitution – and when challenged, the outcomes hinge on the judge and jury that you get in a case.

I guess it has ALWAYS been that way, but judges and juries used to have more respect for the law. No more. They have their own agendas and will decide things according to their politics and ideology.