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Controversial Headline Claims Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan Prior to 2020 Election – Fact or Fiction

Is there actual proof of large-scale voter fraud in Michigan just before the 2020 Presidential Election? Well, the controversial online news site Gateway Pundit claims they have the smoking gun in a huge exclusive headline, but is it true?
The article dropped yesterday, with the headline declaring:

“NOW WE HAVE THE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan- Police Find: TENS OF THOUSANDS of Fake Registrations, Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in several states.”
According to the article, it all begins on October 8, 2020, a month before the election, when Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a black female dropping off 8,000 to 10,000 completed voter registration forms at the same time. For the most part, they looked the same—similar signatures and bogus addresses stuck out, prompting her to call the police a few days later to launch an investigation.

A Michigan State Police report states that on October 21, First Lt. Mike Anderson of the Muskegon PD was contacted by Tom Fabus in Attorney General Dana Nessels’ office who asked for the Michigan State Police and Muskegon Police to conduct a joint investigation.

Meisch told investigators that the quantity of voter registration forms was highly suspicious and possibly fraudulent.

She further stated that phone numbers, addresses, and signatures all looked to be wrong—and nothing appeared to match.
According to the Gateway Pundit report, the company behind the push to deliver the voter registration forms was called GBI Strategies, but here is where it gets really shocking.

Police conducted a raid on GBI offices in Southfield and Auburn Hills and apparently found Dozens of new phones, hundreds of prepaid cards, and numerous semi-automatic rifles with suppressors and handguns. One Pelican case had four rifles and pistols, according to what was published.
The woman who dropped off the applications was found and told police she was paid $1150 a week to collect voter registration forms in the Muskegon area.

However, before the investigation was completed, it was turned over to the FBI—and so far, we have not heard anything about this.

So what do these police reports mean? Will it mean that when Donald Trump is on trial for claiming voter fraud in Michigan and around the nation that some of this material could be put forth as evidence? Maybe.

Could it lead to FOIA requests for other news outlets to begin the job of digging deeper? Maybe. Does it indicate a wider pattern of abuse and fraud? You certainly have to wonder.

Of course, I cannot vouch for the veracity of the published report—not yet. But it appears that all of the information collected and released so far is on the money.

One person that seems to have a clear idea of what happened won’t surprise you at all.

Speaking to supporters, President Trump said, “There was never a second of any day that I didn’t believe that that election was rigged. It was a rigged election, and it was a stolen, disgusting election, and this country should be ashamed”

No surprise there. I will, of course, stay on top of it.

In another series of videos calling into question what we have been told about a major series of events—it appears there are clips of police officers preparing for and then going undercover on January 6, 2021, as members of Antifa, among other things—so let’s dig into that for a moment.

And one more thing—if Donald Trump is being charged for political speech—don’t you think maybe he is being singled out unfairly?

Just looking at the left’s rhetoric following the overturning of Roe ought to tell you he was treated especially harshly.