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Leaked Audio Allegations Against Trump Trigger Political Controversy Amidst Claims of Smear Campaign

After another leak that only impacts Donald Trump, it’s becoming clear that the deck is getting stacked against the 45th President of the United States—again!

This time, the left-wing propaganda machine is pumping out stories about a leaked audio tape they say proves Donald Trump had illegal classified documents in his possession after leaving office—and that he shared those documents with people who could not legally see them.

So today, we will start by dissecting the audio and then hearing what Trump and others have to say about what is going on.

Now this tape that was illegally leaked is from two years ago and seems to show Donald Trump showing classified defense papers to an aide.

So that may sound damning if you are told what to listen for and what you hear—but is it really anything significant. I don’t think it is because nobody on the left has been able to say at this point what document it would even be—and they have not produced the document either. This is all conjecture at best and another smear job at worst, intending to destroy Donald Trump at all costs.

And those on Trump’s team are saying this recording proves nothing—except that Democrats are desperate to get Trump out of the race and protect their 81-year-old incumbent from being pummeled in the 2024 Election.

The former President says this is par for the course and very predictable. He said, “This is just another hoax. It’s called, I would say, election interference more than anything else. It’s a disgrace that they can do it.”

There are even some high-profile liberal journalists who are pointing to a pattern of lawlessness coming from the Biden White House and permeating through his entire Administration. I’m just as surprised as you are.

Glenn Greenwald pointed out the hypocrisy of the left feigning indignation over Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents while they are the ones leaking real intel onto the front pages of America’s newspapers.

By the way—while this latest distraction is dragged across the American media landscape—the whistleblowers are getting larger in number and louder in their cries that David Weiss, the States Attorney investigating Hunter Biden and the Biden family corruption scandal, had no authority to do much of anything and had to run everything past his higher-ups.

Weiss denies that he was on AG Merrick Garland’s leash—and that’s why you can expect him to face hard questions from Republicans in the US House about his role in the investigation.

This reminds me of something. When he was first elected to the Senate, a journalist told Biden he was sure he wasn’t corrupt. Biden responded, “Well, I’m not sure you should assume I’m not corrupt.”

Yeah—Joe Biden jokes about whether or not he is a corrupt politician—and now it looks like that was no joke after all.