We are getting down to the main event with Republicans jumping into the race for President left and right.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott got in this week. Glenn Youngkin, the Governor of Virginia, is weighing his options and might join the fray. But an announcement with the potential to turn into a GOP dogfight is coming later today.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who has been attracting a lot of money from mega-donors and attention from the media, will formally announce his candidacy tonight at 6 pm during a live event on Twitter with Elon Musk.

That is certainly a big deal—and it means the long-rumored GOP match-up is set to begin today.

It is also the first time we have ever seen a major announcement like this come on social media—and it was confirmed by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, who will be asking the Governor questions live and without a script of any kind.

Despite the event being live on Twitter, Elon Musk refused to endorse anyone for president, but there is reporting that he doesn’t believe Donald Trump can win the general election—even against Joe Biden. This is even though Trump is up by seven points over Biden in the latest Harvard Harris poll.

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Regardless, Musk is pushing Twitter as a new electronic town square for everyone to meet and share their opinions.

President Trump has yet to reappear on the platform after his ban was lifted when Musk bought the social media giant.

But what about DeSantis? Trump supporters have been ruthless to him ever since the rumors began that he may join the race for the White House.

DeSantis even put out a commercial basically giving credit for his first win as governor to President Trump.

And then, you must ask about the relationship between Musk and DeSantis. I mean, if the richest person in the world says yes to sitting down with you so you can announce your bid to be President—but he doesn’t endorse you outright—that leaves questions.

It looks like the GOP primary will actually be worth watching, with at least two heavyweights entering the ring. On the other side of the aisle, things do not look good.

Joe Biden is in the weakest position of any sitting President since Jimmy Carter was crushed by Ronald Reagan back in 1980.

It starts with questions about his age. Joe Biden will be 81 on election day and 82 to start his second term. It’s already obvious that is a treacherous route to take—and even the most die-hard Democrats know it.

Even the original election denier, Hillary Clinton, took a break from shredding emails to point out her concerns with Biden’s age heading into 2024.

Plus, with continuing failures at the border and the debt ceiling crisis, Biden’s numbers are getting worse by the day.

Congressman Tom Emmer is among those from both sides of the aisle calling on the President to either lead in this time of crisis or get out of the way. Anything less could lead us to a new recession or, worse, a 1930s-style depression that would change everything.

But is that enough to dump Biden and let Trump return to the White House, or will people be looking for a new horse to ride? 

Only time will tell now.