Word is that California Governor Gavin Newsom’s minions are quietly circulating around DC sounding out Dems about his nomination if Biden drops out.

The Kamala Harris people are not happy about this and are promising to raise hell if, as veep, she’s overlooked. The war between the far left race hustler wing of the Dems and the standard far left, as championed by Newsom, may prove interesting. She has a horrible rep and he is from a horrible state. Both have tremendous negatives. How would it play out in a party that is itself horrible?

Well, first off, how does Biden leave? Does he just not run for reelection or is he bounced before for general health or mental breakdown? Does he resign and she takes over? Is he taken out by the 25th Amendment and she takes over?

If he doesn’t run then it’s a free-for-all. If he resigns or the 25th Amendment takes effect and she goes into the race as an incumbent then she wins the nomination after some token resistance. The wolves wait for her to fail then pounce in the 2028 primaries.

And what of Bobby Kennedy, Jr., who is already polling 20 percent? Will he go quietly into the night? Is NBC Republican? Exactly. The entire Kennedy clan would then see a viable opportunity and jump in with vigah like Bobby, Sr. did in 1968. Of course, if things get weird then Kennedy becomes McCarthy in 1968 and Newsom becomes Bobby Kennedy the Elder and perhaps Humphrey later.

Their specifics? As we said before, she is a disaster and all know it. It almost seems the Biden administration gives her missions where they know she will fail. The border is merely one example of a Kamala snafu. Most Dems do not want her to run, which is part of the reason they cling to Biden. Even some virulently feminist gorgons privately want her to stay veep for the remainder of the Biden administration, thus supposedly giving her time to mature. Hardy har har.

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Newsom is left wing good looking and commie charismatic. He comes from a large deep blue state that would give him first dibs on 495 convention delegates. He’s a combative weasel and knows how to throw around Dem lies and fantasies with ease. As much as he seems like a tanned idiot to us, he could be formidable.

However, the Dem civil war that would ensue with a Newsom nomination is too much for the party to endure. It would indeed be like the 1968 Dem convention, with the far left eating its own. Who knows? Maybe Hillary the Harpy could then play deus ex machina?

As Republicans and conservatives we can hope for much of this outcome, as it will make our nominee that much stronger. Who will that person be? Too early to tell.