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Women – If They Exist – Are Only Great If Democrats Say They Are

Women, like people of Color, are celebrated by Democrats – but only if they are Democrats. If you are Republican woman, you are ignored. If you are a Republican person of color, you are either ignored or you are called racist names. The Democrats don’t really care about diversity. They care about Democrats.

And whether or not you are a woman – especially a celebrated one – is decided by the leftists. Quite often, you are referred to as a “menstruating person” if you were born a female. That allows the Democrats to call men “women” when they need to.

VP Kamala Harris has been celebrating all sorts of women lately – as long as they are Democrats. And they don’t even have to be female Democrats. She sent a letter to Dylan Mulvaney this month and the greeting started off with “Ms. Dylan Mulvaney…”

Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male, is a transgender rights activities who detailed his gender transition on Chinese-controlled TikTok. Because of this, he is a role model for Democrats. Harris’ letter to him says, “I send you my warmest greetings as you celebrate your 365th day of living authentically. Thank you for courageously sharing your story and journey. I appreciate your continued advocacy for transgender equality, including during your visit to the White House last year.”

Harris thanks Dylan for his work for the LGBTQ+ community and breaking barriers and inspiring young people. The letter ends with Harris saying “I am grateful for your dedication and courage and I hope you continue to use your platform to spread positivity and create change. I look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the future.”

The letter was written on March 13th. Ten days later, in a celebration of Women’s History Month, Harris tweeted [1] “Women are the backbone of our democracy.” Her video shows her saying “and I stand on their shoulders.”

The women in Harris’ video/photo montage were mostly female. But they were also Democrats. She ignored Republican women like White Republican Sandra Day O’Connor (the first woman to serve as a Supreme Court justice after being appointed by Ronald Reagan). However, Harris remembered to celebrate Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice (appointed by Obama). And she also celebrated Supreme Court Judge Black Ketanji Brown Jackson (appointed by Biden) who pretended not to know what woman [2] is to get her seat on the high court.

Many on Twitter are asking – was O’Connor ignored by Harris because she’s White or because she’s a Republican? Probably both.

Harris also ignored Black Republican Condoleeza Rice in her video even though Rice was the first female African-American Secretary of State and the first woman to serve as National Security Advisor. Many other trailblazing Republican women were ignored as well.

But Harris’ video spends plenty of time on Harris, pointing out that she is the “first” of many things – first woman, Black woman, Indian woman, daughter of immigrants – to be VP. She even gave herself a separate shot-out and photo recognition for each thing.

And as I stated earlier, the “women” celebrated were mostly female. But not all. While actual Republican females were ignored in the Harris video, she made sure to celebrate Delaware’s Sarah McBride, the first transgender candidate to be elected as a state senator in 2020. A biological man.

That’s how the Democrats roll. And they’re proud of it. Or at least they will continue to be as long as it gets them votes.