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Now Biden Wants to Vaccinate Chickens

The tyrannical Democrats are drunk with power. And they want power over EVERYTHING, even chickens.

After trying to force COVID-19 vaccines on every American, they think they have a much easier target now: poultry. Surely chickens won’t push back against them and post bad things about the government on social media.

In order to contain bird flu (because they did SUCH a great job containing COVID-19), The Daily Mail [1]reports that Prez. Biden wants millions or billions of chickens vaccinated.

Um… NO THANKS, President Disaster. I prefer that the chicken farmers kill the sick birds and I am willing to pay higher prices for chicken and eggs. I DO NOT want to be eating chickens full of whatever vaccine mRNA shot that you come up with so that you can keep Pfizer rolling in the dough and donating money to the Democrat party.

And like the COVID-19 vaccine, this new chicken vax will likely be totally worthless. It already sounds like a disaster. If the vaccine masks infection symptoms, the sick chickens will be getting through the food chain not to mention opening up the door to the virus possibly jumping to humans.


Tom Super, a spokesperson for the National Chicken Council, told the Times, “Although initially appealing as a simple solution to a widespread and troublesome problem, vaccination is neither a solution nor simple.”

That’s what the government, and more specifically the Democrat Party, does well – NOT finding solutions to anything.