Murderers and rapists are roaming the streets, free to attack innocent citizens, especially in New York City and Washington D.C. The Democrats have done whatever they can to make sure the “underserved” criminals aren’t unduly inconvenienced by having to spend time in jail for their crimes. They also continue to defund and demonize the police, making America’s streets and homes less safe than any time I can remember in my 50+ years on the planet.

But now that we have word of an impending Trump indictment and arrest, the Democrats and their leftist friends in law enforcement have found that police DO have a purpose after all. They exist to make sure that Trump supporters are intimidated, arrested and prosecuted. We saw this when every person in the vicinity of Washington D.C. on January 6th was tracked down through facial recognition software, internet sleuths and the government’s spying on bank records and cell phone data (many times without warrants). But why stop at January 6th when you have the means to continue to intimidate your political enemies?

Trump and his supporters are enemy number one for the Democrats – before China, North Korea, Russia or Iran. And even if Trump supporters aren’t doing anything illegal or dangerous, they must be portrayed as such – and waiting to explode at any minute.

As so, to keep the insurrectionist story going, NYC and Washington DC are using an overwhelming show of law enforcement to make sure they portray a show of force to deter any Trump supporting crazies from being unruly if and when Trump gets indicted and arrested.

The Daily Mail reports that ALL NYPD cops were in uniform on Tuesday in anticipation of a Trump arrest. ALL. That’s how very important this is to the Democrats. That’s 36,000 police officers. Maybe they can arrest some murderers and rapists while they are out and about????? Maybe deter some actual crimes?

I wonder when the last time ALL of their police officers were on the streets and in their offices working hard, fighting crime and saving people – maybe September 11th, 2001??

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Breitbart News reports that in Washington D.C. they are beefing up security in preparation for a Trump indictment as well. The Daily Mail is reporting that the indictment will occur on Wednesday and that Trump will appear in NYC and surrender and appear in court next week.

It’s too bad that the Democrats don’t pay this much attention to the unsecured border or Chinese balloons flying across the country – or crime in general – or the banking crisis. Or any other legitimate safety and security concerns. But the Democrats have their priorities – and the removal of Trump and his supporters from politics is first on their agenda even before climate change and DEI.