Since Biden became president, he’s done his best to put people in power based on wokeness and not necessarily competence. He’s always jazzed to announce the “FIRST” this or that so that he can claim to be the most diverse president in history.

His DEI plans go awry sometimes though as with the case of non-binary nuclear official, Sam Brinton, who decided to steal suitcases at an airport and finally got fired for doing so after social media posts on TikTok exposed what was going on with they/them.

Brinton was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. But heck, who needs a non-criminal at the Office of Nuclear Energy, right??

It took a while for Brinton to get fired though. It only happened after Brinton was exposed for stealing luggage a second time. That’s because the Biden administration had marketed him as being the FIRST openly non-binary official to hold a high-ranking position. They didn’t want to give they/them up so easily.

And competence in the federal government? That’s a thing of the past. I don’t think it’s even on the Biden administrations’ checklist anymore.

It appears that Biden-nominated judges don’t even have to know much about the law or legal procedures.

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When questioned by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) about a criminal law doctrine known as a Brady motion, Black Colorado Magistrate Judge Kato Crews, who was nominated to fill an upcoming federal court vacancy in Colorado, doesn’t seem to know what Kennedy is talking about.

When asked how he’d analyze a Brady motion Crews said, “How I analyze a Brady motion…senator, in my four and a half years on the bench, I don’t believe I’ve had the occasion to address a Brady motion in my career.”

Kennedy asked, “Do you know what a Brady motion is?”
Crews answered, “It’s not coming to mind at the moment what a Brady motion is.”

Crews is the Colorado court’s FIRST African-American magistrate judge. and he’s not the first Biden nominee to be exposed as not deserving of the job they were nominated for.

And he won’t be the last.

Another one one who comes to mind is Biden’s judicial court nominee Charnelle Bjelkengren, Spokane County Superior Court Judge. Nominated to serve as a U.S. district judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, she was hailed as the FIRST half-Black woman to serve on the U.S. District Court in the state of Washington. That seems to be enough of a qualification for Biden to nominate her for ccc. Actually knowing the Constitution isn’t a prerequisite for her to get the job.

Once again, it’s Senator Kennedy who exposes her.

KENNEDY: “Judge, on the far end, tell me what Article 5 of the Constitution does.”

BJELKENGREN: “Article 5 is not coming to mind at the moment.”

KENNEDY: “Okay. How about Article 2?”

BJELKENGREN: “Neither is Article 2.”

KENNEDY: “Okay. Do you know what purposivism is?”

BJELKENGREN: “In my 12 years as an Assistant Attorney General and my nine years serving as a judge, I was not faced with that precise question.”

Not all of Biden’s nominees go through the nominating process though. Amazingly enough, some candidates are actually stopped early and withdraw themselves from contention because they see they are going to fail.

The nominee for Federal Aviation Administration head, Phillip Washington, the Black CEO of Denver International Airport, actually withdrew his name from consideration when he realized he was embarrassing himself. Inept Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said his withdrawal was the results of “partisan attacks and procedural obstruction he has faced” that were “undeserved” but the real reason is that Washington has little experience and is facing a corruption investigation. The Republicans (even the RINOS) were not going to be giving Washington the thumbs-up.

Unfortunately for our country, the Biden administration decides things on an equity basis and not on equality and competency. They have only one goal when filling career positions in their government: they have to be from the right race, gender, sexual orientation and/or pledge their lives to the Democratic party.