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The Travels of a Chinese Balloon Shows America’s Weakness

It was nice to see a pro-China Biden-Harris administration not take the violation of our country’s airspace and U.S. sovereignty seriously. But when exactly DO Democrats take our borders seriously? With zillions of illegal aliens invading our country, what’s the big deal that a Chinese spy balloon was flying all over the United States?

If nothing else, the balloon’s American tour could have just been a test to see what our weak president would do about it. The answer was: nothing. At least not for about a week.

I’m sure that our country’s lack of interest in destroying the balloon made many of the lips of the communist leaders curl up in smiles. Imagine what can be done in the future with little to no pushback of such an invasion into our country. The Chinese could send balloons and drones all over the country near military installations, energy companies, and many other important places of interest and not have much to worry about.

And why wasn’t America alerted to the balloon’s presence when it first entered our airspace – and shot down immediately? I have heard no answer to that question.

The Republicans are calling Old Joe “Border-free Biden [1]” and they aren’t wrong.

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted over the weekend, “First Biden refused to defend our

borders. Now he won’t defend our skies.”

The Chinese balloon was first spotted in Montana (at least by Americans on the ground taking videos with their cell phones) and then it headed over to Missouri and the Carolinas.

The Chinese said it was a civilian craft with limited self-steering capability that went “adrift” and were upset when it was finally shot down after traveling the states for about seven days.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry released a statement Sunday morning that said, “China strongly disapproves of and protests against the U.S. attack on a civilian unmanned airship by force. The U.S.’s use of force is a clear overreaction and a serious violation of international practice.” He also said they reserve the right to make “further responses that are necessary.”

The Pentagon had said initially that they weren’t going to shoot down the ballon because it could pose a safety risk to people on the ground. So they waited until it was over open waters on Saturday.

Biden, a friend of China, and most likely on the take with them as well as Ukraine, is also ignoring the land that China is buying up in the United States including plans [2] to build a corn factory close to the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota.

The sovereignty, safety and security is not an important priority to the Biden-Harris administration as they continue to be focused on their two priorities of social justice, climate change initiatives and keeping their election fraud going. To them, China isn’t the enemy. Republicans are.