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Portland Veteran Felt Safer in Vietnam Than He Does in Own Neighborhood

It has become increasingly apparent that we are on our own. The “justice” system was bad enough to begin with, handing out pleas right and left to habitual offenders but things have definitely gotten worse over the past few years with the “Defund the Police” movement and subsequent pro-criminal policy changes after the killing of George Floyd.

Progressive prosecutors unwilling to go after criminals plus less police to patrol the streets (and less willing to put themselves at risk when their local governments don’t have their backs) have led way to rising crime all over the country, slow response times and many crimes that don’t even get to the prosecutors at all because they aren’t “important” enough.

Nowhere is this problem more illustrative than in Portland, Oregon, where crime is out of control. Portland is home of one of Antifa’s Autonomous Zones where the local government actually let a group of anarchists control an area of the city. And even though it was finally shut down, was it with force and “shock and awe”? Nope. It was after the mayor “brokered [1]” a deal with the criminals and apologized to them.


And that’s what Portland has become – totally disgusting.

U.S. military veteran Damian Bunting posted a video [2] on social media in January to show the drug encampment outside of his front door that is being ignored by the local government and the police. He said to Fox News, “Our government here in Portland doesn’t seem to think that that matters. They’ll respond when it blows up and catches on fire.”

But will they even care then??

Jacob Adams told Fox 12 Oregon [3] last week that the homeless are moving into vacant homes in Portland and one of those places is right next door. Adams said, “There are fires that have been happening off and on. Major ones. This recent one actually came and set our property on fire…My wife was screaming and propane tanks were igniting from the fire.”

In addition to the fires, there is rampant drug use and there have been multiple thefts on his property and fights.

But even after multiple police calls, nothing changes. The homeless and the criminals are ones running the city and doing what they want – because the government lets them.

Adams’ neighbor and 83-year-old veteran Armand Martens is also dealing with theft. He said, “I felt safer when I was walking around in downtown Saigon when I was in Vietnam than I do here in Portland.”

Both men are thinking about leaving the city. These are men who fought for our country to preserve the Constitution and our freedoms and fought to keep us safe. Men who are being discarded by the Democrat party so that they can appease their Black voter base and continue to allow illegal alien invaders into the country regardless of the consequences.

The Democrats’ pursuit of money, power and votes is always more important than the safety – and lives – of law abiding Americans. We are the ones whose hard work and tax dollars are funding the Democratic party’s partisan and pro-criminal agenda with our money and our lives.