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Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Screws Up – Accidentally Admits Abandoned Laptop is Legitimate

The White House and their friends in the media have been calling the Hunter laptop fake and a Russian disinformation campaign for quite a while. But Hunter’s attorney came out recently to say that even though he wasn’t admitting that the laptop is Hunter’s, nevertheless, the computer repair shop owner, John Isaac, and others had no right to look at it or share the information with anyone.

So quit sharing Hunter’s fake drug and naked pictures all over the internet! And quit reading his emails showing that him and his daddy are on the take to enrich their family empire!

And don’t worry about any crimes that the laptop shows concerning Hunter. The REAL criminals are the shop owner, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon.

Hunter’s attorneys actually sent cease and desist letter to those who obtained and disseminated the laptop’s content to those horrible horrible criminals.

After the social media outlets banned NY Post’s story on the laptop before the presidential election, we were finally vindicated [1] that the laptop WAS in fact legitimate by the DOJ and FBI – not to mention CBS, the Washington Post and others who finally did their job, including a forensic analysis and authenticated most of the information on it, including the emails.

This is after EVERYONE connected with the Democrat party lied about it being fake and Russia propaganda including PolitiFact who wrote in June of 2021 “over time there has been less doubt that the laptop did in fact belong to Hunter Biden” and that “nothing from the laptop has revealed illegal or unethical behavior by Joe Biden as vice president with regard to his son’s tenure as a director for Burisma.”

Yep. The lie-peddling is what the Democrat party, their media and the “fact checkers” do best to cover any scandals that involve President Disaster. At least for now – until they decide that they need a new 2024 presidential candidate.