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The Document Crisis Has Become an Uncontrolled Wildfire

The document crisis has become an uncontrolled wildfire for Joe Biden and his Administration, and no matter who is fanning the flames—the wind is getting stronger every day.

Let me make one point clear—I don’t want any misunderstanding. This is not a staff problem. This is not a problem with whoever packed the boxes, and this is not an innocent mistake. This is a Joe Biden problem because it now appears that Joe Biden is a serial mishandler of classified and Top-Secret documents going back decades.

We now know that the documents recovered include papers from Biden’s time as a US Senator and not just from his time as Vice President. What has yet to be determined is how many more sets of documents could still be floating around—and who has them in their possession.

It is getting so bad that high-profile Democrat members of Congress and the biggest TV pundits that have consistently covered for Joe Biden are ripping the President today.
When Democrats and the complicit liberal media say we have a problem with all this, you know this is a White House in serious crisis.

Even Democrat members of Congress like Ro Khanna are getting louder, and you have to think back in time to when Richard Nixon was approached by Republicans who told him it was time to go.

We may not have reached that point yet with Joe Biden, but this White House had better come clean with the American people soon because the questions today are starting to revolve around what was in the documents that were found. We have heard some were connected to Iran and the UK, but what about connections to the Chinese who sent over $61 million to the University of Pennsylvania less than two years after the Penn Biden center opened in DC? That money was far more than what had been spent in the years leading up to Biden’s cameo appearances as a guest speaker.

The pressure on the White House is ratcheting up because the stonewalling of the heretofore friendly Washington Press Corps is not well received anymore. To be honest, those that have defended Biden for his many failures are now turning on the old man.

But so far, the White House is not budging or divulging any information—as I predicted. They continue to hide behind the Special Prosecutor’s newly minted investigation of the sitting President—I am telling you this approach is already failing—but they don’t seem to know what else to do.

I am staying with my theory that this is all tied to the attacks on former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents that Democrats and their media pals are trying to sell as worse than Joe Biden’s—which it is not.

But my theory is that the power brokers want to eliminate both Trump and Biden from running in 2024. I believe it’s likely the FBI and the DOJ were both aware of Joe Biden’s many piles of classified documents when they went busting into Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago back in August. The raid was just the first act in a Shakespearean tragedy that the people with their hands on the levers of power hope neutralizes both men as political forces.

The people behind the curtain do not want someone like Joe Biden, who has a small IQ but a huge ego and—despite his inability—is already saying he plans to seek a second term. They certainly don’t want the barbarian Donald Trump busting down the gates and storming in again.

The clock is ticking down to the 2024 election. Soon we will see how this plays out and whom those working behind the scenes choose as their candidate.