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Rule-Happy EPA Going After Cows and Other Large Animals

Cow farts are killing the environment. And the Democrats in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are not happy about it. They say they need to study things more to see if they need to toughen up the regulation of large livestock farms that release pollutants (including manure) into the waterways.

The EPA has been impotent with their cow regulations since about 2008, having not revised their rules dealing with large scale animal operations for quite a while.

The Baltimore Sun [1] reports that the EPA announced on Friday that they are looking into things because of an environmental group’s lawsuit (probably friends of theirs).

The lawsuit was brought by Food & Water Watch and the group said, “For decades EPA’s lax rules have allowed for devastating and widespread public health and environmental impacts on vulnerable communities across the country.”

The Baltimore Sun says, “Runoff of waste and fertilizers from the operations – and from croplands where manure is spread – fouls streams, rivers and lakes. It’s a leading cause of algae blooms that create hazards in many waterways and dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Erie. Under the Clean Water Act, EPA regulates large farms – known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs – covered by federal pollution permits. Federal law requires only those known to discharge waste to obtain permits, although some states make others do so.”

The EPA plans to collect more data about cow manure and its effects on the planet before making any decisions.

And that is no B.S.