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Planned Parenthood Continues to Call Abortions “Care”

This week’s email talks about abortion “care” which is how they like to describe abortion just like they have renamed it “pro-choice” so it doesn’t sound as bad as it is. It’s a marketing trick.

The thing is… the leftists have chosen who to support in the abortion battle just like they have chosen who to support in the battle of law and order.

In the abortion fight, the leftists chose to defend a woman’s “right to choose” – no matter WHAT she chooses, no matter how old the baby is. The woman is ALWAYS more important than the baby. In fact, the baby has no rights at all according to them.

In the fight for social justice, the leftists choose the criminals over law-abiding American citizens and the police who defend us. It’s okay if we get assaulted and killed by their criminal friends who get released back into the public over and over again. The policies, laws and the actions of the Democrats clearly show that they have chosen the criminal population over the rest of us.

Back to the Planned Parenthoods’ email… So they tell me that “Abortion is safe and effective medical care” and that providing that care means that we all have the information to make the “best” decisions for ourselves. They whine that some or all abortions are banned in 18 states and others are working on bans. Because of that, they say that Planned Parenthood is needed now more than ever – so please send them money.

They need more money because Planned Parenthood is shipping women out of those evil states that don’t allow abortion in order to get abortion “care” in other states. So they need the money to help these women because they can’t get time off from work or find childcare (they have other kids??) or they need money for gas, food or a place to stay hundreds of miles from home.

It’s called abortion tourism and Michigan is one of the new spots for it due to Proposition 3, which codified abortion rights into Michigan’s constitution.