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Dear Michigan Winter: Where are You?

Don’t get me wrong. Now that Christmas is over, I don’t need to see snow again until the end of the year. But the current circumstances are a bit strange to say the least.

I live in Northern Lower Michigan and the “white stuff” should be all over the place right now.

We should be immersed in a plethora of winter conditions. Snow, ice, sleet, winds, blizzards, snow showers, snowflakes, snow flurries, light snow, medium snow, heavy snow, snowstorms, snowfall, snow banks and snowmen (and women).

But instead, I see green everywhere. Grass. Meadows, pastures, turf, sod, lawns, parcels and fields.

My puppy, who is spending his first Michigan winter being walked outside, is wondering where all of the cool white stuff went. He was just getting in the hang of running through it and jumping over it and digging his face in it and eating it.

So far this year, we’ve had two pretty big dumps of snow – up to a foot or more. And then it melted quickly because the snowfall was followed by warmer temperatures in the following days.

I don’t think we’ve even had two inches of snow at my house since New Years Day.

According to weather25.com [1] we’re supposed to have 23 snowy days in January but that has definitely NOT been the case.

It also hasn’t been very cold either. Don’t get me wrong. It’s January so it’s cold – but it’s not “January cold.”

If this is global warming, sign me up.

But my puppy is still upset about the whole thing.