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Car Ownership Should be a Thing of the Past Says World Economic Forum Geniuses

The Epoch Times reports that the World Economic Forum (WEF) elites who want to control our lives think that we should just “borrow” cars even if they are electric ones. The thing about using electric cars, as The Epoch Times points out is that “the minerals required to make batteries are mined underly highly pollutive and environmentally devastating conditions and then refined and manufactured primarily in China, often using coal power.”

Well, the WEF has a solution. In their report “3 circular economy approaches to reduce demand for critical metals” they talk about how the average car in the U.K. is only driven about four percent of any given day, which means they (and the rest of us) shouldn’t be allowed to have cars – they should borrow them.

The leftists want to decide who can drive, when and for what reasons. Good luck “borrowing” a car to vote for a republican on election day!

And where does this magical car come from – somewhere miles away in a storage facility or at the last user’s house? Good luck getting one in an emergency. Like I said in the headline, these folks are true geniuses! Oh that’s right…they want to move out out of the country and the suburbs and into the city so that we can all be packed in together with rampant crime and car sharing.

The WEF says, “To enable a broader transition from ownership to user-ship, the way we design things and systems need to change too.” The changes include phone app keys for multiple users and figuring out if we need the vehicle for work or leisure (like it’s any of their business).

This new tech can all happen because of “connected intelligence” says an elite in Davos at the World Economic Forum meeting. Our cars will be integrated into the cloud where we can be monitored by a third party tracking system.

Oh goodie…

Continuing on the theme of “none of your damn business” did you know that Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Act is forcing the installation of new features on cars in the upcoming years including speed limiters, breathalyzers, vision and voice trackers and “kill switches”?

Yes, big brother is here. And he’s only getting bigger.