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AmazonSmile is Making People Frown With Announcement of Closure of Charitable Program

The program began in 2013 and it allows shoppers to donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to a charity of THEIR choice. But Amazon will be shutting down the program and using their profits for charitable endeavors that THEY want to give to instead of the organizations that their customers want to donate to.

They are good little leftists.

Even though the 0.5% they allowed to go to the non-profit groups was pretty miniscule, it was still helpful to groups all over the country, including many animal rescue groups who need the donations to provide food and medical care to the dogs, cats, horses and other animals in their care.

But AmazonSmile doesn’t care about who is harmed by their new leftist policies – as long as they are able to use YOUR money in their socialist agenda for “underserved communities” and other priorities, they will be all smiles.

They said there wasn’t enough of an “impact” made by their customers. Translation: you fools didn’t donate to the right things! Amazon had hoped you guys would do a better job with your charitable giving but they said that things weren’t turning out as they hoped. Yes, freedom is a PAIN IN THE BUTT to them. Just because YOU want to donate your money to animals, the PTO, heart attack survivors or cancer victims doesn’t mean THEY do.

Shame on all of you to think that you could control your own charitable donations when you bought zillions of dollars of Amazon products.

If you could like to complain about their greed and disgusting-ness, here are some avenues to do so…

Jeff Bezos Twitter Amazon CEO [1]

Amazon Twitter [2]

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Amazon Facebook [4]

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Amazon Instagram [6]

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Amazon Headquarters Phone: 1-206-266-1000

Amazon Customer Service Phone: 1-888-280-4331

Or go into customer service and chat with a live person and tell them that you think they suck.