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What Does it Mean Now That the Democrats Have 51 Senators Instead of 50?

Now that Republican Herschel Walker has officially lost the Georgia Senate race (no big surprise), we will have a 51-49 Senate, majority Democrat.

My husband contends that we really have a 54-46 Senate because of RINOS Romney, Murkowski and Collins. I can agree with that. However in some cases like “comprehensive immigration reform” it’s even worse than that with all of the RINOS who are willing to work with Democrats on pro-amnesty bills.

Whatever the numbers, we really haven’t been honestly and legitimately represented in the Senate for a while now. There are only a handful of conservatives we can trust to toe the line and hardly any of them know how to push back against corruption and lies nor do they have any kind of decent messaging going on.

They can’t all be Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, I guess. Every time he talks, he has a simple and important message to make and it’s usually with great humor. One of his best lines is, “With all due respect, I am against dumb.” Another good one is “The bill of rights is not an a la carte menu.” About illegal aliens coming into the country, Kennedy said, “Let me state the obvious. Illegal immigration is illegal. Duh.”

That kind of common sense and adherence to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the rule of law is not something that the Democrats embrace and neither will their 51 Senators.

As we move into 2023, the Democrats (with the help of Senate Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer) will look into all of the fun stuff they can do with a Senate majority. And 80-year-old McConnell is no match for Schumer or the rest of the Democrats – not in protecting Americans, not in policy, not in messaging, not in anything. He’ll make deals. He will sell us out. We all know it’s coming.

So what can the Democrats do with a 51-seat majority?

Their committees will all have a Democrat majority. Their judges will be confirmed more easily and quicker and so will other presidential nominees. Their legislation will move ahead faster. They will have a bigger budget for a bigger staff to do their committee work. They won’t need bipartisan support to issue subpoenas. They might not have to worry as much about Manchin and Sinema and Sanders muddying up the works as much. They could also fill a Supreme Court vacancy easier.

And they won’t have to rely on VP Harris to break a tie vote (not that it was ever an issue).

By the way, Harris who? Where has she been lately? Not that I mind not seeing her around much. Just curious.