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The NOT Weather WEATHER CHANNEL is a Lot like Old Twitter

There is Old Twitter and New Twitter, kind of like Old Coke and New Coke. Only, we’re all hoping that New Twitter takes over and doesn’t go the way of New Coke.

The Weather Channel, I’ve noticed, is just like old Twitter in that it’s pushing the Democratic agenda. They’re not censoring anyone but they’re definitely on board with Democrat dreams. And the dream is pushing the climate change agenda for financial and legislative benefits. The Weather Channel, which most people still think is a scientific unbiased factual network, is the perfect platform for Democrat policy indoctrination. What better place to warn people of impending fire, flood and famine if you don’t stop driving cars around??

The Weather Channel currently has SEVERAL shows that are NOT about weather at all but INCLUDE weather including Highway Through Hell, Deep Water Salvage, So You Think You’d Survive, and Storm of Suspicion among others. They’re relatively harmless and can be entertaining – they’re just not about weather. They are reality shows that INCLUDE weather – but EVERYTHING includes weather.

Then there is the show “Pattrn,” the climate news platform of The Weather Channel, whose tagline is “Our Planet, our Future.” The hosts of the show are Stephanie Abrams (who I USED to consider a legitimate weather girl) and 13-year-old Jordan Steele. The show is advertised as discussing the “latest trends in climate and sustainability.”

Where is the “e” in Pattrn [1]? I have no idea. Why was the “e” taken out of the title? My investigation could not uncover an answer. I even emailed the staff at the show and they wouldn’t fess up. The “e” might be held hostage somewhere for unknown reasons or maybe it was destroyed as a metaphor because it stands for Earth or the Environment, which they predict will be extinct soon if we keep on our current trajectory. So the mystery remains…

When watching the show, it is clear to see that Pattrn is very obviously the Weather Channel’s version of helping the Democrats push their climate change agenda. You’ve really gotta watch it sometime. You will be amazed by what is discussed. I watched in on Monday and they had to cut into the show for a few minutes with actual weather, poor things.

So what were the Pattrn stories about?

They started off discussing bagels and a new dairy free plant-based cream cheese for flexitarian [2] customers. That’s a diet where you don’t have to completely cut out meat from what you eat. You can just limit the amount of animal protein in your meals.

After that, Jordan and Stephanie talked about Taylor Swift’s song “Anti-Hero” and her lyrics “It’s Me.” Apparently, some Democrats [3] are using the song in some videos to promote a tax on windfall profits for oil companies. Both Stephanie and Jordan thought

it was a great idea. Stephanie said the oil companies should only make about three billion dollars instead of eight billion and divvy up the rest to us. Hm… I could almost go for that one…

The next story was about European researchers in Siberia who found traces of 13 pathogens in ice. They are called (wait for it)… ZOMBIE VIRUSES [4]! These are viruses that were trapped under a layer of frozen ground and water. Nice that they collected them and didn’t just leave them where they were. No, amazingly, I didn’t see that Fauci was involved with this study.

The next story was about biodiversity loss and the show were pushing a report from the leftist World Economic Forum about climate action failure, extreme weather and natural resource crisis and how we have a critical threat in the next two to five years. But don’t fret because the State Department has appointed Monica Medina [5] to save us all. She’s the new Special Envoy for Biodiversity and Water Resources. She’s also Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. The longer the title, the more worthless they are.

So what was the next story about that they covered on this awesome show? Sorry, I have no information on that because I couldn’t watch anymore. I had enough. Seriously, if I want to listen to that kind of crap I will find Greta Thunberg’s podcast or watch the Academy Awards.