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Taking Out the Trash: A Clean Sweep for Elon?

Meanie Elon Musk has been ticking off the leftists right and left…He’s been allowing conservatives to tweet about COVID-19 and anything else they want to talk about, he’s exposing the corruption of the government to censor speech and collude with Twitter in election interference…

And he’s firing people. So far, it’s been reported that he’s gotten rid of about 50% of Twitter workers worldwide

According to The Blaze [1], among the group of people that Twitter’s Elon Musk has fired is the group of janitors who were cleaning his headquarters in San Francisco. Originally, 20 janitors had been fired. Then, other janitors organized a union protest about it and they were also fired.

Olga Miranda, the union president for the fired janitors said, “Our cleaning contractor at Twitter was told by Twitter that they are cutting the contract.” So it looks like their “justice for janitors” signs did not do the trick and Elon had to find someone else to take out the trash. Twitter says they already have a new contractor.

One of the janitors thinks that Elon will be replacing them all with robots [2]. Not a bad idea considering that robots don’t complain about working conditions and are are non partisan – or at least they are right now.

I think Elon is looking for workers he can trust. Those who are not leftist freaks and who are actually doing a good job and are needed in the company. People who won’t sabotage him, leak stuff to the press or try to take down his company. Not an easy task.

Taking out the trash at Twitter is actually a pretty big job, we have learned. Everyday, we find out more and more about how bad the censorship was and how much the government was involved in it with their own portal and everything.

America First Legal obtained documents for their lawsuit that shows Twitter ran a “Partner Support Portal” for government employees and other “stakeholders” to submit posts that it would remove or flag as “misinformation” on its platform. With years and years of censorship going on, Elon will be finding a lot of leftist and governmental misdeeds – and more people will be kicked to the curb along with the trash.

And because of that, as expected, since Elon is no longer useful to the Democrats, they are giving him the Trump treatment and doing their investigations into every move that he makes, looking into county and state laws and labor laws and jaywalking and anything else they can come up with.