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Pelosi Exposed as the Reason January 6th Was Allowed to Happen

We all know that the January 6th “insurrection” was a conspiracy of not just far-right Trump supporters but also some Democrats, the FBI and other leftist friends.

The Democrats obviously knew something was going to happen but they didn’t do anything about it. Why? Because they saw it as a WIN for them in the future to get rid of Trump and possibly other Republicans. They could have an investigation and a show trial. They knew they could about it for years. They could even make it into a national holiday someday.

What have we found out about the Democrats and their plans to let January 6th happen for political gain? Media reports and the report coming out of the House GOP has said a lot.

The FBI got information about it from an informant weeks before it happened but was security increased or anything relevant accomplished to head it off? No. There wasn’t a sufficient law enforcement response that was used based on the “intelligence” that was possessed. The tip was with the Jan. 6th committee’s information but AMAZINGLY didn’t appear in the final report.


What else didn’t make it into the Jan. 6th committee report? That would be Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s involvement (or non-involvement) in allowing the violent day to commence.

The House GOP released their own report [1]. It’s a list of many things that the Trump witch hunt ignored including the fact that Pelosi was “closely involved in security decisions in the lead up to and on January 6, 2021” even though she said in February 2021 that she had “no power [2]” over Capitol Police functions. This is shown in text and email messages.

In fact, it’s reported that she directed the National Guard to stay off Capitol grounds on January 6th because of “optics.” Of course, we all know that optics weren’t the only thing on her mind.

So was Nancy’s hate for Trump and her plans for future political power.