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Enemy Number One: From Don to Elon

Don’t get me wrong, former President Trump is still a HUGE target for the Democrats. But Elon is their present target because he’s the current threat to their dynasty and their control of messaging.

Elon was a friend of theirs for a while but he has outlasted his usefulness to them because he decided that they went too far censoring people and he decided to buy Twitter.

Besides actually letting people talk about COVID-19 and election fraud and Hunter Biden and all of the other stuff that the leftists were working with social media to censor, Elon is also revealing their corruption. Over the weekend, much was posted about the collusion [1] between the Biden administration and Twitter about how the birdbrains censored information on Hunter Biden’s laptop right before the election.

Truthfully, I doubt it would have made ANY difference in the election if the information got out because Democrats will vote for Democrats NO MATTER WHAT but nevertheless, the whole thing was election interference plain and simple.

Censorship is something that the leftists depend on so that they can lie to the American public and win elections. And most of the social media platforms have been working with them to do it – and will continue to work with them. But they’ve lost Twitter. And they’re not very happy about it.

So what does that mean? Well, it means they are going after Elon – personally and professionally. They’ll be finding ex-girlfriends and shady deals and look into his taxes and look into all of his companies and make sure they can regulate him out of business. They will do what they have to do until he agrees to step back and get back in line with the rest of the social media censors.

The White House is already sending out veiled threats to Elon. Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre told reporters that the Biden administration is “keeping a close eye” on Twitter. Yeah, well, guess what, Karine? We’re keeping a close eye on YOU.

Karine is already part of a lawsuit against her and Fauci and Biden and many other leftists by Louisiana AG Landry and Missouri’s AG Schmitt regarding censorship. And she might be called in front of the House Republicans as well. They have pledged to go after all of the Twitter execs and the Biden administration folks who were in on the COVID-19 censorship collusion. When the Republicans take over the House of Representatives in January, we might get some more answers (under oath) about how much censorship was REALLY going on, especially leading up to the election.