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Democrats Sour On Stacey Abrams

Democrats have standards. They may be abysmally low, but apparently they have them. That’s why after repeated losses and a campaign run like a financial circus, Democrats are starting to question their hero worship of Stacey Abrams. What next? Take down their “Win a Date With Beto” posters?

As a leftist black woman who is a vicious liar and a cretin to boot, she met all the requirements for Dem sainthood. Losing the first time for governor of Georgia in 2018 merely shined her halo.

After that she was lionized by Hollywood, loved by the popular media, and became the sanctimonious face of oppressed black females. She even questioned the results of her loss. When Republicans do that they’re insurrectionists. When Dems do it they’re the voice of the persecuted masses. Uh huh.

But now after her recent second loss to Brian Kemp, it has been revealed that her campaign was a shoddy operation. Dem pros and liberal media are not amused by this.

“We did not just lose, we got blown out,” Abrams’ campaign manager said. “It was the most sub-optimal situation to be in. And we will be dealing with that situation for some time.”

Fox: “Abrams raised more than $103 million for the losing effort, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which became the latest publication to put a spotlight on the campaign’s lingering debt.”

“It’s incredibly bad planning, and it shows where their values are at,” a veteran Democrat pro told the AJC. “You can’t look up one day and realize you can’t pay the bills…Her campaign’s expenditures have come under sharper scrutiny as new details emerge about the tight cash crunch she faced before her November defeat to Kemp by nearly 8 points…surfaced new details about profligate spending that led to a dire financial squeeze by the end of the campaign.”

“Some aides commandeered a vacant five-bedroom craftsman-style house, now available to rent at $12,500 a month, as a makeshift office,” the paper wrote. “A pop-up shop and ‘swag truck’ were assigned to dispense merchandise, such as T-shirts and hoodies, to win over young voters. But staffers grumbled that there was no apparent strategy behind the giveaways, which they said seemed careless and costly.”

Staff told of “excessive spending on polls that were disregarded and consultants with confusing or conflicting roles within the sprawling operation.” They said “a record of lavish spending” crippled Abrams’ campaign.

This is what happens when you use race and gender as the only qualifications for office. Abrams was a flawed candidate to begin with. Inarticulate, more interested in her media projects, and who never led in the polls, she was always phoning it in. Dems who bought into her scam lost money by the millions. That should teach them a lesson. But it won’t.