The thing about dawdling old white guy President Dementia is that he often says what is really on his mind and what is really going on with the Democrat party. This is why the White House often has to walk back his statements. While the Biden administration is often fine with outright lying, they have a big problem with telling the truth. And so when Biden actually speaks the truth, they often have to run a CYA operation.

What fact did Biden utter this time? He answered truthfully when the media asked him a question about the border. According to the New York Post, Biden had flown to Arizona on Tuesday to give a 16-minute speech at a Phoenix computer-chips factory (a Taiwanese Company.)

What did Biden NOT do while he was there? He didn’t visit the border, a mere 45 minutes away via the Marine One helicopter. The Post points out that it’s about the same distance as his weekend trips to Delaware – which he obviously has time for quite frequently.

A reporter actually had the stones to ask Biden as he left the White House to head to Arizona, “Why go to a border state and not visit the border?”

To which the President replied, “Because there are more important things going on.”

Ah, yes. The truth will set you free. We all know that the border crisis, and everything that comes with it, is NOT a crisis to the Democrats. It’s an opportunity. It’s a voting strategy to win elections. So, of course, they have more important things to do than to show up at the border and let everyone see with their own eyes what’s really going on. Leave the truth-telling to Fox News.

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Biden’s more important thing going on was to use a bunch of taxpayer money and fossil fuel to fly more than 2K miles out West for a photo-op at a foreign-owned computer-chips company.

Biden doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about the the fentanyl coming into the United States, the deaths of illegal aliens coming to America, the deaths of Americans at the hands of criminal aliens, the spread of disease, sex trafficking, stolen American jobs or any of that. He’s going to get votes, man. He’ll be remembered as the dude who helped cement long-term democratic control over the federal government. He’ll be remembered as a better president than Obama, man. Leave the poor guy alone.

What’s different this time is that Biden’s truth about the border wasn’t met with the usual panic from the Democrats. They haven’t seemed in a rush to downplay or re-word his statement.

In fact, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had already told everyone before the trip that Joe was not going to the border. She said he was going to “actually focus on an issue” (CHIPS Act). She considers the Republicans’ visits to the border “political stunts” and said they should be working with the Democrats on their plans they have put forward. Not sure what those plans are but she’s probably talking about amnesty – but Karine doesn’t need to worry. The RINOS ARE working on that. We can always count on them to do that.

Even though Biden’s press secretary, and Biden himself, keeps pretending that the President has been to the border, there is no proof of that ever happening. And it definitely hasn’t happened while he was VP or P. The best he’s done is a drive-by after landing at the El Paso airport in 2008.

With more than five million illegal aliens entering the United States since Biden became president, the Democrats’ voting initiative is right on track – and will continue to expand once Title 42 expires – and will also continue whether or not we get some leftist/RINO fake “comprehensive” immigration reform bill passed by the end of the year.