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What Am I? Deplorable, Mega Extra Super MAGA or a Cockroach?

A friend of mine recently texted me about going through an identity crisis. Over the years, we have been called a plethora of names by the Democrats and their leftist friends in the media. That’s because their ideas suck so they aren’t able to debate them. Instead, they always resort to character assassination.

Yes, I know, Trump loved name-calling too but he usually did it on an individual case-by-case basis to people who usually deserved their nicknames: Sleepy Joe, Low Energy Jeb, Boot-Edge-Edge, Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted, Nasty Kamala, Mad Dog, Crazy Nancy, Little Marco, Rocket Man, Fredo, Fake Tapper, and a crowd favorite – Pocahontas.

And he was FUNNY.

The Democrats are NOT funny and don’t call us names to be funny. They are mean and they label us to make people afraid of us.

When Obama was president, he called us bitter, bible-clinging, gun-toting racist xenophobes. Oh – and we were also teabaggers (Google that yourself – I’m not explaining that here).

Hillary Clinton called us deplorables. But that backfired and it turned into a badge of honor for us Trump- supporting folks. We wore it proud – and still do.

Biden has all kinds of names for us too…we are a dark force, insurrectionists, threats to democracy, mega MAGA, extreme MAGA…what else? Nothing nice, that’s for sure. Mr. Great Uniter president has been anything but.

The leftist media (and Democrats as well) are always calling us racist, fascist, homophobic, xenophobes, election deniers and much more.

And then there is the View’s Sunny Hostin who recently called us all cockroaches [1] recently.

So what are we to do? Which names do we embrace? Or perhaps a combination that suits us individually? Maybe you are an election denying mega MAGA xenophobe? Or a fascist gun-toting threat to democracy? Perhaps you are a bitter white suburban racist?

It’s hard to keep track of who we are supposed to be and what our titles are these days. Or maybe we are Republicans. Or conservatives.
Or patriots?
People who want safe cities and affordable food and energy.

People who want good schools that don’t teach people to be racist and let boys in girls bathrooms. People who want low taxes and equal opportunities (not outcomes) for everyone.

People who want equal justice, due process and adherence to the Constitution and the security of having the Bill of Rights protected.

Maybe we are just Americans.