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Seaweed Salad is NOT a Popular Food No Matter What Anyone Says

I like reading lists of things that pop up on the internet. You laugh a lot. And you learn a lot about people. Sometimes not good things. And you often you find out that there are a lot of nuts in the country.

Some lists are easy to believe like the fact that America’s favorite Halloween candy is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. That makes sense.

Then you come across the Reader’s Digest list of America’s Favorite Foods: The 50 Most popular Foods in America.

And on the list you see things on th list like seaweed salad, hummus, wonton soup, salmon avocado roll, greek salad, gyoza, and spicy tuna roll.

Who actually eats this stuff?

I can agree with some of the things on the list – nachos, chili, chicken tenders, milkshake, burger, pizza and apple pie.

But do you really expect me to believe that garlic naan, edamame and miso soup are on the top 10 list – ahead of doughnuts, cheese fries and chicken wings?

Sorry, no.

And do you really expect me to believe that “burrito bowl” is number one?

Don’t think so.

And what’s in seaweed salad anyway? The Readers Digest says it’s a “classic mixture coated in soy sauce, mirin, sesame, and yuzu juice.”

Yuck. As much as I dislike broccoli, Spam, artichokes and brussel sprouts, I think I’d eat all four of those things in a casserole before I touched the “popular” seaweed salad.