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Perverted Leftists Continue to Push Sex on Kids

It’s not just strange, it’s sickening what the leftists are up to. After securing victories on getting rights for gay people, they had to come up with a new cause with new victims.

The cause of late has been supporting transgenders and allowing access to gender-changing drugs and operations – at taxpayer expense if possible (which is happening in the military). But that’s still not enough.

The leftists are hell-bent on pushing sex on kids. Very very young kids.

In Maryland, there is a school district [1] that has a pre-K reading list that includes LGBTQ books about gender and sexuality.

On the big screen, there is a Disney movie out called “Strange World” with a gay character with a first ever openly gay main character. The woke movie is a bomb [2] because parents don’t appreciate Disney pushing sexuality on their children.

The latest outrage from parents comes after fashion brand Balenciaga came out with an ad campaign that has children holding teddy bears outfitted in bondage [3] gear with documents about child pornography.

And we all know that the left is perfectly fine with boys and men going into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms.

So what is next for the leftists. What else is coming down the pike?

Will they be demanding rights for those involved with necrophilia, bestiality, pedophilia and child molestation?

I am just wondering what is left for the leftists to defend as it relates to sexuality and gender.

What’s on the horizon that we need to watch out for? Because the leftists NEVER stop pushing, they never stop evolving their goals to find new “victims” to support.

There is always someone who is supposedly “oppressed” that the Democrats have to stand up for – but it’s NEVER the born OR the unborn children.