While Twitter is moving towards freedom of speech (kind of), Meta Facebook is headed the other way and keeping a firm grasp on censorship. Not only did they ban new election campaign ads the week before the election, now they are stopping us from voluntarily adding our religious and political views to our profile.

God forbid (God??! That’s not allowed) that we tell the world if we are a Catholic Republican – or even a Democrat atheist. That kind of information is not wanted by Bookface and it’s certainly not something they want you to share with others.

That might let you find other like-minded individuals. Yep, that’s what this is about. I figured you out Bookface.

Because when you are a radical leftist and you work with people hell bent on tyranny, you don’t want your opposition to group together to go up against you. You need to make that hard to do. You don’t want the Republicans in Ohio talking to the Republicans in California about what’s going on in the country. Hence, this new change so that we can’t find like-minded individuals easily anymore.

Bookface says that are doing this to make the social media platform easier to navigate and use. Yeah, right. How does THAT make sense? Those are just words with no explanation at all. The religious and political fields on a user’s page, in addition to a few others like address (are people really stupid enough to post their address?!) and “interest in” fields will be removed by December 1st.

Bookface recently fired about 13% of its workforce (11,000 folks). I say get rid of the rest of them. The platform sucks. Nothing is ever improved. The only thing they ever do is move things around and take away features. Good riddance, Bookface. May your demise be swift.