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89% of Americans Reject Covid Boosters So Government is Trying Bribery

When you were out shopping this weekend, how many people did you see walking around with masks? Yes, there are a few of “those” people left who are still scared stiff that the COVID-19 cooties are going to get them – and there are some older and immunocompromised folks who are justifiably still wearing them.

But for most people, Covid is over. The President even said so (even though he is keeping Covid an “emergency [1]” for at least another 60 days to justify governmental overreach including forced vaccines).

And because Covid is over, a lot of people AREN’T getting the boosters. And why should you when they don’t appear to last very long or prevent getting the virus or spreading it? Not that any of the “vaccines” ever did that either.

So far, only 11% of Americans have been conned into getting the boosters which means that the government had to come up with a marketing trick [2].

Just like they did with the earlier vaccines, the government has decided to use bribery. They’re offering $20 grocery coupon discounts if you get your COVID-19 booster at your CVS, Safeway, Winn-Dixie or Rite Aid.

But why bother? And it’s kind of maddening really. Is your health only worth $20? And what’s the rush?

Even on Sunday, outgoing Anthony Fauci admitted that there were only 350 Covid deaths on Saturday.

Nevertheless, Fauci says we’re still in a “pandemic” and is still pushing the useless vaccines as we head into the holidays and is also pushing something called a “tripledemic” of flu, Covid and RSV.

Fauci, who lied originally about wearing masks, whined about how politics has had an effect on public health – as if he had absolutely nothing to do with that.

As he embarks on his good-bye media tour, most of us out here in the cheap seats are saying GOOD RIDDANCE – and keep your $20.