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When Will Western Leaders Get A Grip?

This nation is led by a doddering senile fool who in turn is led by left wing fanatics. Our neighbor to the north and close ally is helmed by a retarded Ken doll who likes to play dress up.

The Italians, Hungarians, and Eastern Europeans seem to be well led. The French and Germans are bumbling along and the rest are in their usual state of controlled chaos.

However, when we turn to our closest ally, the Mother Country, the repository of hopes and dreams for a thousand years, we see a circus that shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Yes, the UK has some issues. They are not particular to the United Kingdom. But they are indicative of a larger malady amongst most Western political leaders. That is, lack of conviction, guts, and a clue. They must get a grip.

How are the lesser nations taking this? They are no doubt bemused, if not outright choked up with hilarity. The West, the most successful civilization in the history of man, is going through one of its periodic spasms of silliness when it stops being an example of competent leadership and devolves into a clown car with a bad transmission.

The last two British PMs serve as an example of our point. Boris Johnson was generally a fine PM and a clever and witty man. He seemed to harken back to proper PMs of the 19th century. When Covid came he realized the whole thing was more than a bit of a scam. But to not upset the mob and the pseudoelites he paid lip service to the hysteria. In private though, as did so many other Western leaders, he blew it off.

As such he threw parties for his staff when most others were on lockdown. A portion of humbug that, but nothing to get worked up over. Yes, the hypocrisy was galling to the average person. What Boris needed to do then was to eat some crow and wait for the news cycle to move on.

However, being a chap lacking essential conviction and guts, he let himself get caught up in the manufactured furor over casual social occasions, just parties for God’s sake, and resigned.

He was replaced by Liz Truss. An attractive woman of solid Conservative Thatcherite standards, she proposed a tax cut that would have jumpstarted the British economy. But the usual wet suspects drew knives and she folded like a cheap card table. On top of that, only after two months in office, she resigned earlier this week. No fortitude, that lass.

In days of yore a Margaret Thatcher or a Ronald Reagan would have stayed the course and told their critics to pound sand. That’s why they were successful. They had courage, convictions, and stood by their ideals regardless of petty pushback. Not today. Our leaders either are incompetent, feckless, or run at the first whiff of grapeshot. They haven’t the slightest grip on true leadership.