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Illegal Aliens Need to Take Their Govt ID to Tour the White House But Not to Vote in DC

Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser has laughably declared a “state of emergency” in her district and organized a new governmental task force called the “Office of Migrant Support” over the busloads of illegal aliens that arrived where she lords over her subjects.

But on the other hand, the DC Council has advanced a bill [1] to let these “emergencies” vote in their local elections.

The bill is called the “Local Resident Voting Rights Act” and overwhelmingly passed by a 12-1 vote. Illegal aliens will be able to vote for all kinds of things like Mayor, Chairman, Council, and ironically the law enforcement position of Attorney General.

The bill is not quite in effect yet as the Council has to approve it on a second reading and Mayor Bowser will need to sign it. If she thinks she’ll get more Democrat votes, it’ll be done lickety-split as it’s estimated that there are approximately 51K illegals living in DC according to a study done by the Migration Policy Institute.

These illegal aliens will now get to show up and override the votes of American citizens. How lovely.

But they’ll be out of luck if they want to tour the White House because the Biden folks actually require a government-issued photo identification. No other forms of foreign identification will be accepted.

That’s racist!!

Biden’s White House website [2] actually says, “If you are a citizen of a foreign country, please contact your embassy in Washington, D.C. for assistance in submitting a tour request.”

They will not, I repeat WILL NOT, take a U.S. driver’s license as an acceptable form of identification if you are a foreign national. No tour for you, buddy. Hit the road.

Not to mention that the non-welcoming White House also has a border so people can’t get in. That’s certainly not diverse, inclusionary or equitable at all.