So you think that you live in a free country? Think again. So you think that the Constitution is the law of the land? Think again. Government is law of the land and you are its slave. Government owns everything and if you are lucky, you get to rent some things here and there.

And for that privilege, you also get to pay “protection” money to the Government mob in the form of taxes so they can continue their scams. But if you step out of line, protection money paid or not, you’ll see them targeting you and sending you off to jail. At the very least, they’ll doxing you, censoring you and trying to ruin your life.

This isn’t “Little House on the Prairie” where you can just hunt for the food you need to hunt, take the fish you need to feed your family, control your own pond in your background or have the kind of outhouse you want. Your life is not your own. Nothing can be done without governmental permission, regulation and taxation from your friendly federal, state and local governments.

Nope. Those days are long over.

Just look at the recent citation (at least they weren’t hauled off to jail) of some Colorado fisherman who the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) said illegally took more than 460 pounds of salmon from Northern Michigan in order to donate to local families. The DNR was actually on “fish patrol” on the Manistee River when they were notified (someone tattled) about the fishing group that was using “illegal methods and equipment” to take fish. The guys didn’t have a valid fishing license, were using illegal tackle and had 17 salmon (40 to 50 more were found). Now, they’re looking at about $4,000 in fines.

So don’t forget… the fish belong to the GOVERNMENT. And there are rules. And apparently we have a fish patrol.

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And what about that pond that formed in your backyard because it’s been raining for 10 days straight? Remember when the EPA wanted control over that? Well, the fight isn’t over. A group of Michigan Democratic lawmakers want control over your water now. According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, they’ve come up with a bill to restrict property owners from using their own water. Because the feds couldn’t pass the “Waters of the U.S.” bill to control how we use our property, the state is trying to do so. The two Democratic Ann Arbor Reps who introduced the bill tell us that “The waters of this state, including groundwater, are held in public trust by this state” and they don’t distinguish navigable waters (public lakes and rivers) from stock ponds or puddles on private property. Yes, water belongs to the government too.

And of course, we all know that the Democrats have been controlling our air for a while now, coming up with new legislation and Executive Orders every day in order to get rid of fossil fuels and fund their green energy agenda. They also love regulation of the country via agencies like the EPA. Bureaucracy rule is sometimes their last resort in pushing through what they need to and these agencies are a godsend to them.

Remember when we used to joke about the government taxing us on everything except water and air? Well, that joke is now our reality.