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Americans are Not Buying the Covid Booster Propaganda

In Michigan, so far only 3% of us have gotten the latest Omicron-specific booster to combat the COVID-19 virus. That’s about 300K people of those 12-years-old and older who are eligible.

The boosters have been available in Michigan since early September from Pfizer and Moderna. They continue to jab people with their lovely untested mRNA technology that isn’t working to prevent spread or infection.

Tell me, please, why are these called vaccines??

In the United States overall, Reuters [1] reports that two-thirds of adults don’t plan to get the COVID-19 boosters anytime soon. 18% said they’d wait and see, 10% said they’d get it if they had to, 12% said No Way Jose (I’m surprised that phrase hasn’t been outlawed yet – or the word outlaw) – and 27% said they were not eligible because they weren’t fully vaxed.

What about the “hell no” category? That’s where I fit in.

I got the initial Johnson & Johnson vaccine because after doing about 20 hours of research, I saw the merit in it, I believed their research and efficacy numbers and wasn’t about to get a vaccine with mRNA technology. But that was it. It’s over and done for me.

Maybe others are starting to wake up to the fact that the virus will be here forever and the vaccines and boosters aren’t going to stop it.

In the United States, only about 7.6 million people (3.5% of the eligible booster population that is 12 and older) have gotten the updated booster – something which doesn’t seem to have much more efficacy or staying power as the ones preceding them.

But THAT is the plan, after all, right? To make it a yearly thing like the flu shot?

Pfizer relies on mRNA technology to keep the money rolling in. So watch out because I’m assuming that future vaccines from them will be developed the same way. In fact, they’re looking into it for the flu vaccine [2].

And while we’re on the subject of flu vaccines, those suck too. The CDC reported that between October 4, 2021 and February 12, 2022, their flu vaccine was 16% effective [3]. Whoopie. Let’s all run out and get those too.