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The Oaths Taken by Democrats Are Taken With Fingers Crossed Behind Their Backs

Over the weekend, I watched the coverage of the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I listened on Fox News to former FDNY firefighter, Tom Brown, who talked about the firefighters who went into the burning buildings even though many of them believed they would have no chance of coming back out.

“We took an oath,” he said about the firefighters running into buildings to save people.

It made me think about how seriously some people actually take their oaths while others could care less, crossing their fingers behind their backs because the oath they take after getting elected is actually against everything they believe in.

I put firefighters, police and the military in the category of actually believing in the oath that they take and doing their best to adhere to it.

They swear to support and defend the Constitution – as well as putting others before themselves in their careers. They swear an allegiance to their country and the people in it, their brothers and sisters they serve with and to God in the service of others and not to themselves.

Politicians and current prosecutors and judges not so much. In fact, they often govern in the exact opposite way. Winning is what they swear an oath to. Winning and wokeness.

The oaths of the president and his cabinet members have all been broken whether it is about open borders, letting illegal aliens roam the country, ignoring the separate branches of government, ignoring due process, taking away our Constitutional rights and the like.

And more and more, we also have woke Democratic prosecutors and judges who don’t care about their oaths to the Constitution or protecting the citizens. They protect the criminals. So what if it’s the criminal’s 17th offense and they’ve kidnapped someone before or stalked a woman for years? The woke “law enforcers” and politicians want to give the poor criminal an 18th chance and let them out to offend over and over again. It’s evil to keep them in jail.

And then you have the federal government and the news media vilifying a group with the actual word “oath” in their name – the “Oath Keepers,” a group of mostly former military and law enforcement officers who the Southern Poverty Law Center calls extremists and the leftists typing out Wiki bios calls “far-right anti- government militia.”

If you want to uphold the Constitution, you are always called an extremist by the Democrats whether you are actually an extremist or not. Just like they call parents going to school board meetings domestic terrorists. They brand their political enemies as enemies of the state to help their PR push to win elections.

And the president has jumped on board with the PR game too – calling Constitution supporters “MAGA Republicans.” Yep, if you want to uphold the Constitution, keep babies from being aborted when they are eight months old, secure the border and not allow boys in girls bathrooms, YOU are the extremist.

But you are NOT an extremist if you are a democrat and ignore the Constitution and commit a coup… The news media will have your back so that you can ignore your oath and put the country in danger whenever you want. These “Non-Oath Keepers” are the righteous ones, saving democracy from the MAGA Republican insurrectionists who are trying to stop the Democrats from their actual insurrection.