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Google Dumps Trump

The leftist companies in America are always happy to assist the Democrat party with any political needs that they have in order to help them to win elections.

Sometimes the government asks for their help (and they comply) and sometimes they come up with things all on their own.

Google has decided to ban [1] Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, from being in Google Play Store, where phone-based applications for Android users are offered.

Google thinks that Truth Social needs to address content moderation violations that pertain to physical threats and incitement of violence in order to meet their terms of service.

Yeah, right. THEIR definition of threats and incitement.

Google made a statement about the ban and said, “On August 19 we notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies in their current app submission and reiterated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content is a condition of our terms of service for any app to go live on Google Play.”

Devin Nunes, Trump Media and Technology Group CEO, said on John Solomon’s “Just the News Not Noise” podcast, “Look that’s up to the Google Play store. I mean, we’re waiting on them to approve us. I don’t know what’s taking so long. They could approve it tomorrow and it could be live for all the people who have now pre-ordered.”

Google said that Nunes made a misrepresentation of the communications between the two, saying they made it clear what the violations were and how they can be fixed so the app can be made available.

Apple users have been able to use the app since February but Android users have been waiting for it to become available.

Currently, Trump has about four million followers on his Truth Social platform.
Even if he gets his app in the Google Play Store, I wonder how long it will stay there. Not long, I expect.