The democrat party is NOT the party that supports minorities. They are the party that supports democrats. They will use minorities as pawns to get elected but they are not interested in improving their lives or actual equality. Or even being decent to them if they are not democrats.

If a black republican comes on the scene that threatens them, they will go all out to call them every name in the book.

Let us not forget how disgustingly they went after Clarence Thomas – and all of our other black conservative friends.

Their latest target is the republican candidate for the Georgia Senate race. After winning his primary easily with the help of a Trump endorsement, Herschel Walker is enemy number one in the south.

On MSNBC, the day before the primary election in Georgia, radical and leftist Elie Mystal, black correspondent on The Nation, called Walker “so clearly unintelligent” and also called him the republicans’ “negro.”

He said Walker was “what republicans want from their negroes” while speaking with MSNBC host Tiffany Cross.

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He said that Walker doesn’t have independent thoughts and will do what he’s told.

Walker responded to the racist rant by saying, “My response to MSNBC and the man who called me the N word. @ReverendWarnock and the left wing crazies believe America is a fundamentally bad country full of racist people. But you and I know this is a great country, full of good people.” He also said, “Shame on MSNBC and shame on him. I’m gonna pray for both of them because they need Jesus.”

The democrats are not just going after blacks either. They are going after conservative Hispanics as well like Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas who says she has been the target of racist slurs because she is a Hispanic republican and not a democrat.

The democrat party of the KKK and segregation hasn’t changed much over the years. They just package their hate and racism better now.