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Job Opening For Hillary: Russians Looking to Recruit U.S. Citizens to Spread Pro-Russian Propaganda

It’s a match made in heaven. The Russians are in need of someone to spread their propaganda and Hillary doesn’t really have a job. She’s got a ton of experience in this area – her resumé is primed for this opportunity.

Just the News reports [1] that the DOJ indicted a Russian national for “allegedly orchestrating a scheme to recruit U.S. political groups to spread pro-Russian propaganda.”

If this is true, they’re going to need new propaganda-spreaders and I can see Hillary now – jumping up and down and raising her hand.

The article goes on to say that groups and citizens were “instruments of the Russian government” and who better than Hillary to take their place.

Hillary doesn’t even need to work with them directly. She can do it on her own like she did in the past – and it doesn’t even need to be a paid gig. I’m sure she’ll volunteer to help out.

And the best part is that she doesn’t have to worry following any laws because she’s got a “get out of jail free” card.

The past Russia hoax she pulled off clearly showed that all of the Hillary and Obama folks are completely untouchable so why not start some new stuff in case the January 6th thing doesn’t work out?