When I was watching the January 6th committee hearings yesterday, you’re welcome, I noticed something that stands out from the usual Democrat kangaroo courts.

The Democrat run committee is being very careful to mind their manners and is sticking to a very tight script so much so that they are excruciatingly boring. In fact, they are playing the same clips over and over again and showing all the emotion of a Bob Newhart album.

Even Schiff is under control and the Republican witnesses, who constantly refer to their own nobility, are being treated with fawning delicacy by the committee. What gives? Where are the outrageous lies, screaming denunciations, and low rent theatrics we’re accustomed to from televised Democrats? Absent, for a reason.

For this committee isn’t about media points. It knows it already has the media in its pocket. Nor is it out to change public opinion on Trump. That is mostly set in stone on both sides. A goal may be to damage Republicans in the midterms. But Trump is not on the ballot and thus it is a secondary objective.

The main goal of this committee is to make a strong enough case against Trump to pressure AG Merrick Garland to criminally indict him for January 6th and possibly election corruption. That is a very bad idea.

Putting aside for the moment Trump’s guilt or innocence, do the Democrats really want the consequences of such an indictment and show trial? There was a reason Jerry Ford pardoned Nixon. The country had been through enough. If Trump faces criminal charges his devotees could take to the streets and make the BLM and Antifa shenanigans of 2020 look like a Girl Scout outing.

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And if Trump were to lose a case and go to prison? Then expect the Landsberg Effect and his popularity with his followers crowned with an even shinier martyr’s halo.

Yes, it might take him out of the 2024 race, but swing voters and independents would balk at such an obviously partisan political prosecution and give a Trump endorsed candidate a boost to the White House. The case would probably fall apart on appeal anyway and Trump is unlikely to spend one day behind bars.

On this eventuality, a trusted source told me, “The old saying ‘a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich is true.’ A good DA can also convict a ham sandwich. In DC, a lousy incompetent DA can indict & convict a Republican…Of course, there may be trouble even if they just try him. Had I advice to give, it would be to, in Lincoln’s words, ‘let them down easy.’ No show trials…Imagine if you had put Lee, Longstreet, Joe Johnston, Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, etc., on trial. The guerrilla war would have started immediately…..This is so dumb.”

Indeed it is. In the name of their psychological obsession with Trump and their fear of his resurgence Democrats may be about to drive his followers to a level of political indignation not yet seen in this entire drama. This would not be good for America and, though they can’t see it, disastrous for Democrats.