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Say it Ain’t So – Hillary Clinton Says She’s Not Running for President Again

It appears that losing presidential candidate / Russia collusion hoaxer / Bill Clinton enabler Hillary Clinton isn’t interested in running against Trump or DeSantis in 2024.

I can’t imagine why. 

She’s so very incredibly likable and popular – just like VP Kamala Harris.

I’m sure that Hillary would get a record number of votes – Stacey Abrams and her other democrat pals would make it happen. But alas, Hillary is taking a pass.

Just the News [1] reported that old Hills had an interview with the Financial Times and said that old Joe is expected to run for reelection. 

Being the compliant and kind woman she has always been, Hillary has decided not to get in his way.

So she says that running for prez is out of the question for her. 

Biden is the man. 

Because, as you all know, democracy is at stake.

But it’s the democrat version of democracy which means one party rule by the democrats is the only government accepted. They MUST NOT lose.

That’s why the democrats are going all out with their coverage of the January 6 committee hearings and planning riots all over the place over the possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

That’ll surely save democracy – which is, by the way, not what our country is. We are a representative republic. 

But YOU all know that because as a “deplorable” you be educated.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is pushing back, protecting the country against the leftists and Trump has been showing up around the country, tweaking the democrats whenever he has the chance.