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Evil Lives Here: Democrats Scheme to Take Food Away from Kids

I watch a true crime show called “Evil Lives Here.” It portrays a monstrous person who usually ends up killing someone – or more than one someones. The premise of the show is that there were red flags that predicted the heinous behavior to come. There were signs.

It’s no different than what’s going on in the democrat party. Their evil is not hidden. There are red flags everywhere. They are hellbent on destroying the country and the American dream. You can see it with your own eyes.

Open borders, the Fentanyl crisis, baby formula shortages, labor shortages, product shortages, high food and gas prices, less police, crime waves, being friendly with China and Iran, destroying our energy production and about 10,000 other things.

The failures of the democrat party envelope our lives every single day. They are truly evil as well as incompetent – with no end in sight.

My democrat mother, who is on a limited income, is now pretty much down to only driving to doctors appointments and the grocery store. She doesn’t do yard sale-ing, she doesn’t go to estate sales anymore and she limits her trips to the hobby shops and garden stores.

That’s not freedom. That’s not the American dream. It’s the American nightmare.

In addition to that, her boyfriend is considering buying a gun.

It’s a different world that we live in now under democrat rule, governed by an illegitimate president. 

A different world for everyone. Everyone except the democrat elites with freezers full of ice cream.

The latest evil-ness from the democrats comes in the form of the Biden-Harris administration threatening schools [1] that if they don’t abide by their transgender policies and let dudes in girls bathrooms, the democrats will be pulling meal funding from schools.


And at the same time, the leftist media people have headlines that read “Republicans won’t renew free school meal program which could hurt millions of children [2]” and Salon [3] has a headline “Millions of kids face ‘disaster’ as McConnell, GOP, threaten to kill school lunch waivers.”

These people are unreal. They really are.

And it’s crickets from the leftist media about what Biden is doing. They aren’t defending the kids against the all-powerful Oz in The White House. They could care less. They only write screaming headlines when it has to do with republicans.

The only thing the media and the democrats care about as it relates to the Biden threat is forcing their perversion on school students across the country.

The USDA statement says, “Children should be able to learn without worry about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports.”


Actually, students shouldn’t be forced to deal with someone from the opposite sex showing up in their bathrooms and locker rooms – and female students should have a fair opportunity compete against their own gender and not have to compete against boys. 

The democrats continue to rule the country through their evil actions and threats – just like the monsters that appear on my crime show.