- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

Dems Just Agree With Each Other Instead of Arguing Their Case With Anyone

Democrat policies don’t work.

That is more than apparent right now as we try to survive them.

And that is exactly why the democrats have to have propaganda co-conspirators to spread their message – and censor any disagreement.

That is why we now have the words misinformation, malformation and disinformation used all the time so that the democrats can lie about their political opponents.

Democrats don’t want to argue or debate because they don’t win. Their policies suck so they have to lie about them. 

Even if you are currently living IN the suck, they will tell you that you aren’t.

Biden currently told Jimmy Kimmel that we have the “fastest growing economy in the world.”


But wait… it’s a lie. More than 50 other countries are ahead of us.

And anyone with a brain (democrats might not qualify) can see that we are barely able to afford gas and groceries and there are product shortages everywhere.

No matter. As long as the leftists keep talking about something and tweeting it out, THAT is what makes it true.

They did this with the Russia hoax and about everything else they said about Trump when he was president. 

The democrats are playing their lyin’ game again with the J6 commission by telling us every day (without any evidence) that Trump orchestrated the riot on the Capitol.

So the parrots in the media and on Twitter just re-tweet and quote Democrats and their friends instead of using facts or arguing truths. 

That is because facts and truths are NEVER on their side – hence the democrat strategy in any situation is cheating, lying and censoring.

Even one of their favorite democrat presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, had a warning to them when he said, “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”

The democrats might understand that but they’re not going to adhere to it. They will keep pushing their falsehoods and stories and live in their alternate universe.

They are who they are. They don’t know how to change. Nor do they want to.