- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

American Masochism

If there is one political, cultural, and intellectual strain running through this nation today it is masochism. Arguably the greatest country in the history of the world sports a self perceived elite class who hate the very system, history, and culture that brought about its success.

It is a disease that was once confined to leftist opinion makers. But since they control the media, schools, and entertainment, the malady is malignant and has spread beyond the NY/LA bubble and threatens the entire polity.

Aside from, God bless their simple hearts and minds, the populists. Along with their penchant for cult of personality politics there also goes a strong belief in the essential goodness of America. You can hit them for a lot of things. But not revering this land and a lack of genuine patriotic sentiment is not amongst them.

Now, we’re not saying America is perfect or that we haven’t blotted our copybook here and there. However, when we have, great efforts have been made to correct the wrongs. Yes, those efforts sometimes did not have instant success. But they are made and we strive towards realistic goals in making this a better country.

The left and their allies will have none of it. To them and their hangers on America was a living abortion from the first European step on North American soil.

We allegedly have done nothing right and they never let us forget it. All has been land rape, genocide, oppression, and fascism. This, of course, is spoken from comfortable newsrooms, well appointed faculty lounges, glittering Broadway stages, and posh Hollywood studios. Yes, they are very much oppressed.

As they control the national dialogue many, especially the gullible young, take their propaganda as writ. No? Okay then, ask a typical teenager when Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. Or even one line from it. Bet you get crickets.

Then ask them what happened in 1619, ask them if an individual is capable of changing genders. Oh yeah, and ask them about the Founders. You are likely to get the left-wing line on any one of those answers. For decades students have been taught to hate America and its institutions. And those students taught their students. And so on.

Is this nation worthy of that hate, especially from those who benefit from the freedom and prosperity it has to offer? No. An America that lost 300,000 men to free slaves, that was a refuge for the huddled masses of Europe, that brought a lifestyle bereft of serious want to hundreds of millions, that saved the world from three vile villains in less than one century, is not an America worthy of masochism.

Rather, it deserves informed pride, realistic veneration, and enlightened analysis. In today’s national climate that is rarely the case, as irrational self hate commands the debate. Given the hold that the left exerts on the culture, the bile will not be mitigated anytime soon.