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$5 Joe Means We’re Not Fighting Inflation, We’re Fighting the Democrats

Now that gas is up to $5 a gallon in at least seven states [1] with more on the way soon, Joe Biden’s legacy as the worse president ever is cemented in stone.

The lying president and democrats who created the high gas prices and high grocery prices and the labor shortage ON PURPOSE with their green energy crap, their free handouts and their massive government spending are still lying about it all being Putin’s fault.

Nope. Sorry, we’re not stupid. At least, the people who didn’t vote for Biden aren’t stupid. 

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen [2] finally admitted the other day that she was wrong about inflation. 

No kidding. 

Everyone with a brain knew inflation was coming and that it was going to be bad. Yes, she’s incompetent but more than that – she lied to us about it just like the democrat party lies to us about everything every day.

It’s now glaringly apparent that we’re not fighting inflation, we’re fighting the democrats. 

Our current state of affairs was created. It’s been done on purpose. It’s been personally handed to us by the democrat party and their socialist marxist communist woke ways.

Do they put America first? Not even close. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Destroying the economy and the energy sector is one of the main goals of the democrat party and they are doing a bang-up job.

Even worse, there is no end in sight. No relief for middle and lower class Americans.

Like Obama, Biden has no magic wand. 

$5 Joe, who created the mess we are in has no plans to help us. He recently read from his teleprompter and said, “There’s a lot going on right now, but the idea we’re gonna be able to, you know, click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term, nor is it with regard to food.”

That’s certainly true. Not with him and the democrats running the country.