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While Ukraine Burns, Democrats Get in Their Photo Ops

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

And now First Lady Dr. Jill Biden [1].

All the usual democrat suspects have made the Ukraine Tour in a show of solidarity with the Ukrainians.


Has solidarity made a difference to stop the destruction of Ukraine and the killing of its citizens? It doesn’t appear so.

And neither does the millions of dollars that Jill’s hubby Joe spends on Ukraine every other week.

Don’t worry though. 

I’m sure that Jill’s visit really make a difference. She brought flowers to President Zelenskyy’s wife and sat in a classroom with the First Lady of Ukraine to make tissue-paper bears.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is being destroyed little by little, piece by piece – at a snail’s pace, but at a pace nonetheless. 

If you give a tyrant enough time, yes, he can still eradicate a country and its people and that seems to be the plan that Russia and the west are sticking with.

But alas, we have solidarity and photos of democrats who really care.